The One Year Comedown

Ahoy kids... In the wake of tragedy and in celebration of new lives, here's a poster featuring my best friend floating in the sky as an impressive, beer-dispensing deity. Like the work of most omnipotent creators, this will never be finished. Cheers anyway, deer egg.


Still means everything.

Because it's not mine. It's ours.

Keith's Bucket List #2, pencil on card stock.


Seasonal Typography

New artwork for a 3rd consecutive beer tasting event. I certainly hope everyone loves that groundhog as much as I do... along with the retina searing colors.


Fear Before the March of Productivity

WOW. Blog reactivate. New artwork means new ideas and new posts. Check out this piece for the Kitsap Peninsula's own Dorothy and the Tornados (yes, you read that right).


The Harvest is at hand

I haven't posted in a while, but luckily no one reads this nonsense. Here's the latest poster I've designed with state of the art vector graphics. Actually, some of my best work here. Robots clearly are a poetic source for leaf distribution. Keep your human eyes peeled for a legit new painting. Acrylics only, son.