I'm called to the islands by the siren song of Sting Rays. Should I return from my trip with a stinger piercing my chest cavity, just know that I will be avenged. The most powerful mutants on Earth will join together and hunt down my murderer.

Seriously though, trip to the Bahamian Islands is going down in about 24 hours. What this means is epic kayaking through a Mangrove forest, parasailing, and snorkeling with flat sea creatures. This freedom to leave is a freedom that hasn't been afforded to me in the past and I honestly believe this will be a renaissance.

Stagnation is death. Change is evolution.

It's time to evolve.



All poetry and nonsense aside though, I'm launching this blog as a direct result of the sinus infection currently taking up residence in my skull.

Half of my face feels like drying cement.

A mysterious substance resembling Butterscotch is making an escape through my nostril.

Despite these dire symptoms, I forge on towards a future bright with the sun of the tropics. On Saturday I WILL make that flight to Florida and board the ship to the Bahamas.

I'll never look back.

Ideas Are Kinetic

It all begins here. The evolution of thought and action will converge with words as the apex. Be a part of it.