Bahamas Recap

You bet your ass I managed to have a good time. Rachel too. How? The old fashioned way...with two-fisted stubbornness, grit, sacrifice and a beard. In the face of infected adversity, I rose to the occasion and did some things I may never do again. For the first time I left the country and braved the harsh climate of a foreign land with exotic dangers around every corner. Hero? No no, I'm just an ordinary man capable of extraordinary things.

Let's recap the stats:

Total Tylenol Consumed: 36

Fake Celebrity Sightings: 8

Real Celebrity Sightings: 0

Stingrays Molested: 26

Towel Animals Ruined: 1

Cockroaches Hidden in my Bath Towel: 1 too many

Persians in Speedos: 6

Total Airports Visited: 3

Weirdest Room Service Request: Jello...and a plate of salt packets

Best Photo that'll never see the Light of Day: Me and a Pirate Dolphin Embracing

*Special Thanks to Grace and Jason for getting married even though I missed it, Rach for inviting me, Norwegian Cruise Line for stacking their boat with the most fascinating cross section of civilization possible, and myself for living the dream.


  1. You truly are a hero and an inspiration to us all. And you got to see a lot of persians in speedos.

  2. Don't forget to scroll down and see the rest of the photos. I'm definitely needing my own heroic book series.