Round Trip Ticket to Germ Warfare: Day 2

After sleeping a total of 3 hours, we hit Nassau island. I was out of bed and full of beans. Today's unbridled recklessness was taking us to the sandbar known as Blackbeard's Cay for a snorkel sesh with some legitimate bottom-feeding, water sucking Stingrays
(with deadly barbs removed, of course.).

After a 30 minute ferry ride we arrived at the well groomed beach and did what any self-respecting tourist would do: we grabbed the first lounge chairs in sight and offered our pale skin to the blazing deity in the sky.

Obviously snorkeling with weird looking sea demons came next. When it came time to grab hold of our new friends, I relished the opportunity. It was like holding a big aquatic pizza that would die if its gills breached the surface. Tremendous. The animal wrangler decided that near death makes a great photo op, so we were treated to a Stingray vomiting water in a vain attempt to breathe. Yay!

We polished off the day with more lounging and then...shopping. So much crap for tourists, and so little patience on my end. Nearing death, I blew off Senior Frogs and survived another day of blissful vacation. Cheers to Rachel my traveling companion (the one in the bikini) for not throwing my depressing carcass overboard.

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