Round Trip Ticket to Germ Warfare: Day 3

The final island stop led us to a small cay owned by the cruise line. Yep, OWNED by the cruise line. It was crawling with families, old jewish ladies, and drunk euro trash. I loved it. As an added bonus, I was feeling deathly ill only to a minimum degree at this point. We were free to eat, drink, swim, snorkel and be merry to our heart's desire all day long.

I only cared about one thing: parasailing. We got in line early and headed out to open water on the boat. After a bit of anxiety, we finally got strapped in and what followed was 5-7 minutes of an honest feeling of complete freedom. Despite being 600 feet in the air I felt as though I could let myself go and falling would result in absolutely no adverse effects. It was amazing. Over open water, my fear of heights was completely shattered.

The rest of the day was a breeze. Despite still not being able to drink, I was able to eat a delicious assortment of melons. Several relaxing swim sessions followed and we headed back to the boat around dusk feeling totally satisfied with our tropical excursion.

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